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Relational and Potentially Substantive

30 Aug 2015


Just as the premise of science was philosophy, the foundation of divine activity in the world is usually pre-empted with God revealing what He is going to do in advance, or someone sharing something that sparked in their imagination, originated by God. Aristotle was long heralded as holding the insights for many concepts that empirical science would later confirm. But without experimentation, it remains only words spoken, or words scripted on a page. Galileo would break the astronomical mold of the planets rotations, and many other things, once he had backed up his claim. Likewise, Einstein made some very outlandish claims in his day, until his theories were tested and found to hold weight.  God knows that people want to see the manifestations of major claims, like when Moses burst back into Egypt and told Pharaoh God was going to unleash ten horrific plagues on them, but everyone stopped laugh when things started happening.  Its not Gods preferred method to use the “shock and awe” approach, but it did establish a precedent to everyone that what God said He would do, He would do.  He was true to His word.  The later kings of Israel didn’t believe that God would actually let Babylon invade, destroy the temple, and drag them to Babylon as slaves. It would be tempting again to disbelieve that there would be a return to Israel in the later generations.  And then again, the prophet Isaiah proclaiming a valiant Messiah was to come.  By now, the prophecy was believed, but the actual outcome was very different than the zealotist perspective taken of a conquering Messiah that would come and extract the Roman military might from Israel.  

God always brings an answer to His (or our) claims.  But the initial power comes in that relationally-crucial element: trust.  We can trust God even before we see the events be made tangible and substantive. Gods track record is excellent bar-none.  But when we trust Him before hand, we can rest in that trust.  Anatomical and pathological problems have been found to be resolvable with surgeries and pharmaceuticals, but God’s warming supernatural touch can recharge the beating of a heart, replace lost limbs, restore lost vision, correct spine alignment, and even restore life into an empty corpse. I believe God has allowed medical knowledge to be utilized by us, but it leaves scars, staples, bandages, false objects, and artificial chemicals in and on our bodies. God made us, He would know best how to maintain us.  I would claim to be big on gifts of the Holy Spirit – but I trust God, and what and when He does things…

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