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Sacred Worth

8 Jan 2018



Scarcity breeds value. Those things which are rare become that which is sought out so prominently. Value follows the be holder’s eye. Read more

Calibers of Nostalgia

25 Dec 2017


Calibers of Nostalgia_banner.jpgDuring the holiday season, it is easy to slip in to some heavier reminiscing, and I have spent some time occupied in this way. As I surveyed some more cherished past memories, Read more

Cross without the Ministry?

17 Dec 2017


Cross_without_the _ministry_bannerJesus Christ is world renown as the man who lived as a prophet, died without complaint, and supposedly came back to life to confirm His identity. He is the very bedrock of the Christian faith, and more specifically, His redemptive act there on Calvary.

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Good Tidings

14 Dec 2017


Good Tidings_Banner

One of the most extraordinary historical moments for the Christian church is when Jesus enters the Temple to Yahweh in Jerusalem. This place, with it’s extravagantly long heritage of sacrificial worship songs, sobering Psalms and ceremonial celebrations would have been expected to receive it’s most anticipated visitor in much more extravagant terms.

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Father’s Will

12 Dec 2017


Father's Will_BannerOne well-established theme in scripture is that of father and son. Perhaps the most well-known passages in the Bible is found in Luke 15:11-32, the reference of Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal son. This resonates so easily with Christians due to the very obvious depiction of compassion and grace by the father, also in contrast to the horrific arrogance and selfishness the younger son exhibits. Read more

Character in the Word

10 Dec 2017


Character in the Word banner.jpgOne of the most exceptional elements of the Word of God is it’s capacity to be ‘alive’. The Word of God is called “living and active” in Hebrews 4. It has carried the staying power in the Christian tradition of revealing knowledge from (or of) God. Read more

Darkness for the Night

17 Nov 2017


Darkness for the night_banner.jpgIn a generation where society is attracted climatic episodes, glimmering effects, and relatable characters, darkness appears to rise as an evermore appropriate theme. The vigilante of Gotham of an older generation now has a motion picture of his dark hours of adolescence.


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Embracing Origins

6 Nov 2017


Empracing Origins_banner

What, if anything, was left unfinished in the past? Are there chapters left without closure? Every person is a walking story, a perspective of how life is interpreted. Yet time continues despite unconcluded seasons.

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Instrumental Confidence

28 Aug 2017


Curviture Mananifold_watermark

Curviture Mananifold

The 21 Century has produced advancements in the various fields of science principally because measurement apparati has permitted supposedly greater clarity.  While there is little doubt that these instruments are revealing flat out incorrect data, dependence on them has to be held to the general precision that instruments were constructed with. Read more

Education Into Oblivion

6 Jul 2017


Education is an overemphasized, and largely misunderstood phenomenon in our world today, as I see it. It is the goal of parents to bring their children to the socially-prescribed standard of the society around them.


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