Artistic Expression should be highly cultivated in the Kingdom of God. Art is still generally optimistic in society, and so our proper education and inspiration of it should not be dismissed or belittled.

Art reaches a person where words or numbers may not. Of course, words or numbers can themselves be used as an art form, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Music, poetry, prose, comics, painting, drawing, dance, photography, and digital art are some of the many forms taken, and they all represent a depth of the soul.

As a conduit to honor these hard-working individuals for their work, an event should be held once every two or three months to exhibit their effort.

As canvas’, modeled projects, photographs, or written literature is sensitive, such an event would need to be held indoors. The gym would be the obvious location for the event to take place. Tables would be set up, and artists would have a placemat for their work. They would have the right to price out their work, and negations could be made.

Televisions or Projectors could be set up to display filmed footage, and listening booths could be set up for sampling music. This would not only promote the artists in our community, it could serve to supplement their income as missionaries. Furthermore, it would inspire creativity and color in our community.

Presently, enough artists would have to come forward with artwork to put on display, and have some to be ready to part with.

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