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Posts tagged ‘Adventure’

Entrance into The Kingdom

4 Feb 2017


Articulated Elegence_banner.pngIt begins with an awareness of a need for something more in life.  An acknowledgement of a need for a savior from our own crap.  Jesus offers this opportunity to be lifting out of the mud, or chasm it may be.  The cross is here – representing a place of the persecution of innocence.  It’s the starting point of new life.  Read more

Predestined for Adventure

18 Apr 2016



It’s a finicky thing, this life.  We are born with hearts full of curiosity.  We are relentlessly pursuing things that fascinate us.  People begin life full of curiosity, and desiring a journey.  The world is full of the remnants of antiquity;  some antiquated pages of mythical tales remain, Read more

Imago Dei Perceptions

16 Feb 2016



The picture of God is a multifaceted picture shrouded in mystery. His image is more on display in the image He made us in (Gen. 1:27). He made us like Him, but what does that look like? What does it mean to be “in the Image of God”? For one, what we look like now is a pale comparison to those He created in the garden. Read more