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Posts tagged ‘Apologetics’

Explaining logistical gaps

1 Nov 2015


Unclarified_gaps_bannerFor so many, supposed gaps in the Bible have led to frustration, arguments, and parting ways with God.  Read more

Biblically-Inspired Conspiracies

30 Jan 2015


The Judeo-Christian Scriptures are a very old collection of relics in antiquity.  It has many historical events and artifacts associated with it. Read more

Balanced Reasoning Arguments

9 Sep 2014











The argument against God and for random mutation, and for intelligent design and against creation is a large and complex genre of debate that really spans beyond science. Read more

Historical validity of Judeo-Christian Scripture

19 Aug 2014



The most scrutinized and critiqued book of all human history, the Judeo-Christian Scriptures is clearly unique. Based on the evidence of other human works, it stands out as clearly impressive. The author diversity, the time span, the different locations, the different language it’s been written in, and the meticulous translation it has undergone have, in part, led to it’s massively popular status. It’s apparent survival during attempted eradication’s have failed, and actually had and inverted effect. It’s influence has led to the transformation of not only individuals, but entire nations. The amount of original manuscript sources, the authentication from secular and religious individuals identify the book as a historically accurate. The presence of Jesus in the New Testament is the climax of the 66 canonical books, and has his teaching and life has led to an external religious following of now over 2000 years, and over 3 billion people worldwide. Read more