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Posts tagged ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Human Nature, Human Spirit

18 Apr 2017


Human_nature_human_spirit_banner_smallWhile there are actions that take place on a primal, primitive level from instincts of men, there are deeper ideas that precede those actions from the human spirit.  Read more

Artificial Soul?

21 Mar 2017


Artificial_Soul_bannerThis generation has seen the incredible advance of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and now, quantum computing.  Thanks can be given
to Read more

Development Should Follow Purpose

17 Jan 2016


Development_should_follow_purpose_bannerWhile the scientific community has received much of it’s breakthroughs in the past due to unforeseen, accidental discoveries, technological developments today have gone in the direction of theoretical advancement. There is the potential for improvement, so the expectation is to reach for it (or past it). Read more

Defining Artificiality of Intelligence

4 Jul 2015


As we approach the concept of essentially an independent, or partially-independent cybernetic system, we much define what we mean by the terms. We must go in to this field without being blind to it. Read more

Is Technological Singularity Possible?

17 Sep 2014


Artificial_Intelligence_by_Adila Image by Adila

Is mankind capable of thinking of something that could out them, and if the software is then able to think for itself, would it care to interact with man? Where is God in man’s intelligence discovery? Read more