Cultivating The Wild


It was apart of our Creator’s initial assignment for man to cultivate the land and care for the beasts of the field.  It is an invitation for us today in the 21st century to rediscover what it means to be human – to be innovators of a project larger then ourselves.  Such a project would draw us back into a community-focused pioneering spirit of progress that has inspired and given hope to people for centuries.  Continue reading

Ministry Video Blog

Just starting preparation for teaching subjects from principles in 2015!  This video actually represents a veritable *heap* of learning in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor (VSE).  I am excited to be able to share updates like this, though I hope to have the process *much* more streamlined in the future!

Character Development

Abstract of Character Development

The development of character is the foundation of a person’s trek through life. It’s primary location for promulgation is in the home. The home rightly understands character from the image of God, the model for all existence. At the beginning of the family is the marriage, where the civil government structure structure is formed as a shared limited aristocracy. Right character development is in the methods used, and they come by the belief systems that are held by the parents, counselors, and mentors. Conscience is innately in a person by God’s design, but much of it’s function must be externally developed. Once the conscience is established, the character is sure to follow. And as a result of individuals with strong character, the family structure, and ultimately the society composed of the families will follow suit. Continue reading

Message In The Actions


Why is hope so powerful and influencial? While it may not always be presented directly as the searchlight of security, it delivers profoundly well. Why is that? And then truth. Another name it can be given is honesty, but honesty doesn’t even begin to emcompass the depths of the former. Truth is realities correct desription and dependable plumbline. Deviating from it is possible, but leaves one in precarious situaitions. And finally freedom. The picture of prision bars, coartrooms, and armed escorts come to mind. It is the elimination of pressure, debt, deadlines, and stress. These three powerstroke words have monumental impact on society and individuals. I am compelled to believe, in fact, that without atleast a glimmer of hope, a person cannot continue living. For these reasons, I am lead to the conclusion that hope, truth, and freedom are at the core of mankind, the essence of life. They are the lifeblood of humanity.

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