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Posts tagged ‘Civil Government’

Relational Economics

27 Oct 2014


It has been known in times past that trust is key in the sphere of economics. Trust also happens to be key in relationships in general. Read more

American Christian Education

20 Oct 2014



When Education is expanded upon, it is deals with much more then simply the transformation of facts – it is delivering a belief system, and one that will reach out to as far as the nation’s civil government. Read more

Essence of Civil Society: Part I

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of “Essence of Civil Society”

The nature of civil society roots back to the fundamentals that constitute human relationships. It is a reflection of the image of God that He created man and nature in. As man has been given the free will to take dominion over the Earth, society has taken the shape of the beliefs he holds. Civil Government then, is an outer shell that seeks to regulate and protect the internal workings of society. Throughout history, different forms of government have formed, and seen failure. Ironically, it is the ecclesiastical structure of the Christian system that saw the greatest prosperity and success in governing people. The conclusion that the moral principles that all people were created with to live by should not be surprising. The Bible is not a book of religion any more then men make it. It is the words of God spoken in man’s language to communicate their highest prosperity. Read more

Citizen of a society?

19 Jan 2014


 Is citizenship a prerequisite for living on planet Earth? Is the order of a nation or him the only way an individual can live? What other options are open to him?

Read more