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Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

29 Jan 2016


Breaking Barriers_Banner

In Genesis 11, there was only one language spoken by all people in the entire world. The people used their communication skills to pridefully build a “tower of defiance” (Tower of Babel). Thus, God saw this as not good, and confused their languages to restrict evil. Read more

Dependable Character Laws

25 Oct 2015


Dependable Character Laws PictureA couple of years ago, I had first learned of the terms “phenomenal” and “noumenal”. It was the difference between what science could physically, empirically measure through the 5 senses. Read more

Focusing On Roots?

24 Aug 2015


What should really be in focus?

What should really be in focus?

For Christians, as well as most theists, deities are at (or around) the core of life.  The Creator is attributed with the presently-existing universe.  Of course, most Christians see God as a lot more involved than that.   Read more

The Threshold of Truth

18 Mar 2014


“Truth is the correct description of reality.”

Gordon Olson

Truth is the framework of laws in the universe.  It is absolute, and objective.  By it, all other things have their origin and meaning.  This is an informal blog to consider truth peripherally through philosophical, theological, scientific, and technological means.