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Posts tagged ‘Culture’

Culture Code: Langauge

24 Mar 2017


Culture_Code_LanguageCulture is a conglomeration of various factors and social frequencies that reflects a corporate community of individuals.  Language reflects something generally considered exclusive to the human race – having produced elaborate political and civil structures, and economic interactions.  Read more

Lingering Remnant of Hope

15 Dec 2016


Lingering Renant of Hope_banner.pngThough there is darkness present in the world, most still gravitate to some residual, jaded image of hope  Read more

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

29 Jan 2016


Breaking Barriers_Banner

In Genesis 11, there was only one language spoken by all people in the entire world. The people used their communication skills to pridefully build a “tower of defiance” (Tower of Babel). Thus, God saw this as not good, and confused their languages to restrict evil. Read more

The Science of Language

6 Dec 2014



Does using correct language contribute to a sharper populace?  Does using correct language contribute to better learning?

Read more