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Posts tagged ‘Discovery’

Reverse-Engineering from Creation

18 Jul 2016


Reverse-Engineered from Creation_bannerSome of the greatest discoveries of science are ironically some of the oldest landmarks of the universe.  We are now capable of seeing both the astronomical immensity of the universe, and the minute complexity of the atom.  The irony is though, is that these discoveries are  — as science has always been — discoveries.   Read more

Imaginative Infinite Potential of God

23 Aug 2015


Imaginative Potential of God_Wordcloud

A window into the perceived imagination of God…

The first perspective is what is presently available in the information known to man. Intellectual discoveries and observations. Read more

Deepest control Origin

8 Sep 2014


What is the deepest point of control for creatures? What difference is there in animals controlling themselves and humans? Read more