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Posts tagged ‘Economics’

Not Locked In Forever…

19 Feb 2016



Our present Economic Situation is none-other-than a tightly-wadded piece of intrapersonal fabric. Since there is a debt pressure looming ominously over the horizon – employers and economic strategists are right in pushing a heavily capitalistic front. Those who can innovate will catch the bulk of the market. Read more

The Sound of a Thousand Songs

17 Feb 2016


The_sound_of_a_thousand_songs-bannerThough stereos haven’t gone out of style, it has become common place in our generation to have headphones or earbuds in one’s ears. It is a testament to the technological advancement, as well as the capitalistic and individualism ideological movements. Read more

Relational Economics

27 Oct 2014


It has been known in times past that trust is key in the sphere of economics. Trust also happens to be key in relationships in general. Read more