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Posts tagged ‘Faith’

Darkness for the Night

17 Nov 2017


Darkness for the night_banner.jpgIn a generation where society is attracted climatic episodes, glimmering effects, and relatable characters, darkness appears to rise as an evermore appropriate theme. The vigilante of Gotham of an older generation now has a motion picture of his dark hours of adolescence.


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Predestined for Adventure

18 Apr 2016



It’s a finicky thing, this life.  We are born with hearts full of curiosity.  We are relentlessly pursuing things that fascinate us.  People begin life full of curiosity, and desiring a journey.  The world is full of the remnants of antiquity;  some antiquated pages of mythical tales remain, Read more

Not of My Own Initiative

20 Feb 2016



There are certain passages recorded in Scripture preserving the ministry of Jesus today that continuously catch me off guard. I, like His twelve original disciples, am confused by things like His statement of “eating His flesh, and drinking His blood” in Jn. 6:53. Read more

Symbolic Faith

10 Nov 2015



How many metaphors are embraced in the modern expression of our faith? How much of it is literal, and is this a bad thing? Read more

Unrealistic Certainty derived from Faith

9 Nov 2014


Is faith the culprit that has shown to be imperfect in healing the innocent, removing the wicked, and bolstered an uncharacteristically high expectation of God (or scientific principles?)

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Flowchart Theology

24 Aug 2014


wordle2Beliefs lead to consequences, and our understanding of God really does translate to how we act in His creation… Read more

Faith, Hope, and Love

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of Faith, Hope, and Love

The moral principles defined in Scripture are a reflection of something that resonates deep inside each of our souls. Yet, these are principles that are understood as practical on a natural level as well. Faith is a vision of what is not yet physical reality, yet trusted on as if it were. Hope is the endurance factor to is somewhat attached with imagination. Love is that deep absolute, and universally recognizable force creates, rather then destroys. Read more