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Posts tagged ‘Knowledge’

Informed Understanding

14 Mar 2017


Informed_Understanding_intro_banner_small.pngThe information age dawned some thirty years ago with the prospect of the World Wide Web.  Prior to this, Newspaper Syndicates, Academic Institutions, and the Entertainment Industry have inundated the world with the comings-and-goings of facts, pop culture, and true-story occurrences.  Read more

Transformational Influence

6 Jan 2017


Transformational Influence.png

What kinds of things sincerely affect you, even change your core worldview/lifestyle? Are they generally things that others have invited you into corporately, or things someone has specifically directly towards you? Read more

Imaginative Infinite Potential of God

23 Aug 2015


Imaginative Potential of God_Wordcloud

A window into the perceived imagination of God…

The first perspective is what is presently available in the information known to man. Intellectual discoveries and observations. Read more