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Posts tagged ‘Logic’

The Language of Science

21 Jul 2016


Tetrapolygon_perspective.jpgScience is toolshed of deductive tools.  At it’s core: logic.  The framework and perspectives used by scientists are virtually the same as those used by mathematicians – in fact, mathematics is often referred to as being synonymous with the category of science.  However, one thing sticks out to me here as ironic.  Read more

Working from original principles, or explanations of consequences

23 Feb 2015


We have gone through enough history as mankind that we can generally learn from the precedents of our forefathers, but is it enough to “one-up” those who have gone before us? Read more

Inductive or Deductive Morality?

10 Sep 2014


Light Trail

The demonstration of fact is based on empirical repeatability and measurability. But that is only for physical, tangible things. What about for for moral absolutes? Read more