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Posts tagged ‘Mathematics’

The Language of Science

21 Jul 2016


Tetrapolygon_perspective.jpgScience is toolshed of deductive tools.  At it’s core: logic.  The framework and perspectives used by scientists are virtually the same as those used by mathematicians – in fact, mathematics is often referred to as being synonymous with the category of science.  However, one thing sticks out to me here as ironic.  Read more

Defined Potential

4 Nov 2015


Defining Potential

There was a time anything not easily tangible physically or intellectually was once considered spiritual.  Now math has revealed many mysteries of the universe – but is it any less spiritual? Read more

Differentiating Truth and Reality

30 Oct 2014


It is easy to equate the two terms, but there is quite a bit of qualifying factors contribute to truth that do not for reality. Read more