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Posts tagged ‘Nvidia’

Blender Render Rig!

27 Nov 2016


Blender Render Intro.pngI have to admit, this is unabashedly late, but I felt compelled to do it at some point.  After a heavy season of learning the ins-and-outs of not only Blender 3d, but GIMP, and then subsequently Mandlebulber 3d, I felt it was essential I aquire a rig that could handle the demand put on it.   Read more

Holographically-Projected Future of Technology

16 Jul 2015


“Microsoft Research bets on a ‘no-touch’ future of wearable devices”,

Microsoft ushered society into the future with the introduction of not-so-insignificant technology: Seemingly live 3d holograms.  What does this mean for us? Read more

Watch “NVIDIA FaceWorks” on YouTube

5 Jul 2015


Nvidia: Shield

1 Sep 2014