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Posts tagged ‘Quantum Physics’

The spiritual cliff of quantum physics facing science

13 Dec 2014


Has empirical science found a dark and mysterious unknown that it can’t possibly hope to identify, let alone reverse engineer?

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Quantum Relational God

8 Nov 2014


big-bang-458648_1280How does science stand up to defining all that exists when contrasted with the discovery of sub molecular quantum physics? Read more

Inductive or Deductive Morality?

10 Sep 2014


Light Trail

The demonstration of fact is based on empirical repeatability and measurability. But that is only for physical, tangible things. What about for for moral absolutes? Read more

Quantum Physics, Flexible Sovereignty of God

5 Sep 2014


Blue Particals

Does science have any evidence to demonstrate that God knows possibilities and certainties as certainties? Could God change the past at the request in a prayer? Is quantum physics permissible as a specimen for the objective theologian? Read more

Quantum Computing

5 Sep 2014


Can “skynet” solve all of our problems, is will it simply attempt to solve what we instruct it to solve, like all computers do…