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Posts tagged ‘Religion’

UnProselytizing Evangelism

21 Dec 2016


non-prosletyzing-evangelism_intro_bannerSince it’s inception at the end of Jesus’ life and succession of the power and influence of the Holy Spirit on the earth, there has been an acknowledgement that the actual conversion process of someone into the Kingdom of God occurs by one’s own free will, and through the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit alone.  Read more

Platonic Christian perspective

26 Nov 2015


Platonic_Christian_TraditionPlato often gets lumped in with humanistic philosophy, but he in particular is more spiritual then much religious dialogue today. Read more

Unrealistic Fifth Dimension

16 Nov 2014


Are there alternate realities happening simultaneously to our own? Is there evidence to suspect this? Does this fit with theologically-open doctrinal presuppositions? Read more

Approaching The Podium Of Theology

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of “Approaching the Podium of the theology”

Theology is a complicated word, let alone a whole field of study. It is essentially a subject of sacred things. But it has been given a bad rap as of late. The integration of religion has become common place, and even interchangeable. The distinction of God from religion must be made. What are the sources of study – who/what were their original others? What are the branches of theology? What are some of the points that are included in a the material? What are the implications of studying this material? How much of other fields of study potentially become relevent with the study of by God and the results effects of religion among men? Is there honestly any field that can interact entirely seperate from what claims the existence of man and the universe? Read more