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Posts tagged ‘Senses’

Relational Interaction

10 Mar 2016



Relational Categories

Communication today is multifaceted. People relate in numerous ways, whether they are conscious of it or not. From my perspective, two different categories of relational interaction exist: Communication, and Language. Read more

On Language

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of “On Language”

What is language? What is it’s purpose? What laws govern it? Do individuals learn language by “pragmatic” means, as a result to a social/applicational end? If so, what quality of vocab do they have? And what source do their definitions derive? What determines a good definition? What benefit to other languages contribute to a language? These questions concentrate focus on man’s understanding of the methodology of communication – the “vehicle” of interaction in society. Why are human definitions not absolute? And finally, what is Truth? Read more

What is the physical Universe?

18 Aug 2014


The observable universe in view around us is exponentially vast, and extraordinary. It begs our declaration of it’s wonder. Due to the beauty shows up on so many levels, an exposition of it’s magnitude is the least we, as men, can do. The endeavor this paper takes is to define what the physical world is, and how it functions? In doing so, there is a natural expectation of the premise at which such an explanation comes from though – man’s finite mind. Read more