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Posts tagged ‘Sociology’

Culture Code: Langauge

24 Mar 2017


Culture_Code_LanguageCulture is a conglomeration of various factors and social frequencies that reflects a corporate community of individuals.  Language reflects something generally considered exclusive to the human race – having produced elaborate political and civil structures, and economic interactions.  Read more

Transformational Influence

6 Jan 2017


Transformational Influence.png

What kinds of things sincerely affect you, even change your core worldview/lifestyle? Are they generally things that others have invited you into corporately, or things someone has specifically directly towards you? Read more

Static Law & Dynamic Relationship

14 Oct 2016


Ridget Dynamic Law Relationships.pngWorking in the public transportation industry for the past few weeks, It has been very evident to me the bureaucratic boundaries required to improve safety and efficiency.  It is innately an externally-controlled system.  Pulling back from public transportation through, The very nature of law has historically always been for the purpose of protection, and service for those abiding by it.   Read more

Post Reactivity

17 Mar 2016


Intro_banner.pngIt has become the trend in the current generation to try and find new dimensions or “costumes” for the faith to wear. Generally speaking, the emergent church ideology encourages a kind of “Post reactivity”. Read more