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Posts tagged ‘Soul’

Human Nature, Human Spirit

18 Apr 2017


Human_nature_human_spirit_banner_smallWhile there are actions that take place on a primal, primitive level from instincts of men, there are deeper ideas that precede those actions from the human spirit.  Read more

Artificial Soul?

21 Mar 2017


Artificial_Soul_bannerThis generation has seen the incredible advance of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and now, quantum computing.  Thanks can be given
to Read more

Breath of Life

18 Aug 2015



The breath of God – a question of immortality.

It there some greater understanding of the connection of “the soul”, the “Image of God”, and the physical DNA code in man that permits him to experience eternity?  What precisely happened when God “breathed life” in the Adam? Read more

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and God

3 Jul 2015



The push for super intelligent robots still seems perhaps “over-the-horizon” for many, but many fields are producing the hardware and software that can make the functional mechanisms possible.

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