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Posts tagged ‘Truth’

Defining Artificiality of Intelligence

4 Jul 2015


As we approach the concept of essentially an independent, or partially-independent cybernetic system, we much define what we mean by the terms. We must go in to this field without being blind to it. Read more

Differentiating Truth and Reality

30 Oct 2014


It is easy to equate the two terms, but there is quite a bit of qualifying factors contribute to truth that do not for reality. Read more

On Language

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of “On Language”

What is language? What is it’s purpose? What laws govern it? Do individuals learn language by “pragmatic” means, as a result to a social/applicational end? If so, what quality of vocab do they have? And what source do their definitions derive? What determines a good definition? What benefit to other languages contribute to a language? These questions concentrate focus on man’s understanding of the methodology of communication – the “vehicle” of interaction in society. Why are human definitions not absolute? And finally, what is Truth? Read more

Objective Christian Excellence

27 Apr 2014



Commited To Excellence

Tanti Ruwani, Flikr

Objective Excellence

Excellence should by no means be reduced to a casual affirmation a vocal recitation, graded assignment, or physical achievement. Excellence is a standard that exists by surpassing the normal quality work of an individual. It is the rare, exceptional reach of the individual that is exhibited by committing their heart, mind, and physical dimensions into a determined end-goal focus. It is thus determined by the individual. But the conscience should be sending red flags as to when work is really above and beyond “good” or not. While it is categorized individually, excellence can be seen in others, when the quality level shows signs of extraordinary labor and attention. Read more

The Threshold of Truth

18 Mar 2014


“Truth is the correct description of reality.”

Gordon Olson

Truth is the framework of laws in the universe.  It is absolute, and objective.  By it, all other things have their origin and meaning.  This is an informal blog to consider truth peripherally through philosophical, theological, scientific, and technological means.